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When is necessary to check and replace car parts

When is necessary to check and replace car parts
Thursday, march 17, 2022

If you have doubts about the moment in which you should review some components of your vehicle this post is interesting for you.

Surely you are clear about keeping your car in perfect condition, in addition to the economic cost, is a wear and tear of effort and time. That is why it is recommended to do preventive maintenance of the vehicle so that, in case of a repair, all parts, components or spare parts are in good condition.

Maintenance and Repair

Although in the beginning the repair and maintenance seem to consist of the same and that they will cause the same expenses, it is not so, because when the repair takes place, without being due to some accident, means that it has been caused by poor maintenance of vehicle parts.

Maintenance is used to prevent damage to the vehicle from worn or damaged components.

Where to start for a good maintenance

The most obvious will be attended, that is, the specifications in time and form of the manufacturer for the change of oil, spark plugs, filters, etc... at the right time and in the right way.

This preventive maintenance is of the utmost importance because you have to keep in mind that if you don’t do it, it can cause a repair that will always be more expensive. Also keep in mind that when better maintenance is done, more security for you and your family it has.

As we always say, we are at your disposal in the garage appointment service that we have on the web. Here you can book your appointment.

The importance of the oil change

 As we mentioned before, being aware of the oil change is very important to extend the life of the moving parts of the engine because they will always be well lubricated.

Keep in mind that, if this was not done, performing a repair on any of those moving parts would involve a greater expense than the oil change will cause on the dates and times indicated.

And the changes of filters

 The same happens with the filters of the vehicle, because if you do the renewal of these when it is timely, you will avoid major problems that, we insist, will involve a greater expense because they will affect more parts to replace.

You have to be very aware that even if you do all of the above nothing prevents that, at some point in the life of the car has to go to the garage to perform a repair, especially over the years, something inevitable in the life of any vehicle.

Observe the vehicle and do not ignore alerts

Another important recommendation is to be aware of any alert that the vehicle communicates, which are for that. You are the one who drives it regularly and you know the sounds it makes daily, so if you notice any difference, you can pay attention and make a visual review of the engine and in this way, before going to the garage, you will polish in the explanation that you will give to the mechanic.

The key question… when do I make the component change?

Clearly you can solve that question with a very simple answer, but at the same time complex, that is, you must make changes when the manufacturer has recommended it, but there will be some conditions that will make these substitutions can be sooner or later than indicated.

Reasons? By the way of driving, care of the vehicle, whether it is inside or outside, the journeys that are made, the areas where it is circulating... All this makes that even following the indications and the times marked, they can vary in time.

Go to your trusted garage

For this reason, we recommend that you make an appointment in your trusted garage. If you visit us with the indicated frequency you do not have to take any last minute surprises.

In Talleres Martínez, we offer you the possibility to have your car in the best possible condition, so do not hesitate to ask us. What do you need to know?

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