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When does my car have to pass the Vehicle Inspection (ITV) if it has expired?

When does my car have to pass the Vehicle Inspection (ITV) if it has expired?
Monday, may 24, 2021

Have you had any unforeseen events and have not been able to pass the ITV? In Talleres Martínez we explain it in detail.

To begin with, you should keep in mind the date of the vehicle inspection because it is defined as a serious offence in the Traffic Act. (Here you can read the Act) 

Taking into account that you must have the vehicle in perfect condition and state, and not only for avoiding a fine, but for our own safety, the infraction is serious because it is within the section of periodicity and validity of the inspection.

The Agents verify the validity

 The traffic agents can verify the validity of the inspection through the data that appear in the Vehicle Registry. Thus, they can stop the vehicle and go to process the complaint. If applicable, the fine could range between 200€ and 500€, although there is no withdrawal of points. There is also no increase in the payment of the inspection even if it is expired.

Your must take your car to the ITV before its expiration

As we mentioned before, it is advisable not to let the date of the inspection pass, since there is enough time between one and other and there is no reason to leave it at the last minute.

Previously, the date of renewal of the ITV was the same date as it took place, that is, if it took place a month before it expired, we lost that month. Currently, this does not happen, if our car passes the ITV within the last month of its expiration or before, the initial date is respected.

As it is known, the duration of the ITV depends on the vehicle and the years since its registration. As time passes, it will decrease and your car will have to pass the inspection more regularly as the vehicle turns years. It is normal that we are exempt, from the day of the registration until next 4 or 5 years, and from there, is when you will have to do it biennially and subsequently annually.

It could happen that an inspection has to be carried out before the deadline, for example because of significant damage which affects to the safety of the occupants of the vehicle, for environmental issues that are incorporated in the vehicle or in case of suspicions that the vehicle does not comply with current regulations.

You know that from Talleres Martínez, we are here to help and advise you, and you can stop by our garage to carry out the pre-ITV tests. Consult with our advisors and make an appointment to carry out the tests and be able to pass the ITV without any problem.

We also have a service with which we take your car to the ITV for you so you can forget about doing this procedure.

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