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What items to check to travel during Easter

What items to check to travel during Easter
Tuesday, april 16, 2019

Holidays are here! As always when we set out on a trip we must check some elements of the vehicle that are considered essential to enjoy the journey safely.

Getting the vehicle ready before going on a trip is essential and it is a priority if you want to enjoy a quiet vacation without unforeseen situations which might spoil the long awaited days of rest.

Go to your trusted workshop

One of the most important aspects when checking your vehicle is making an appointment ahead of time in your usual workshop, the one you trust.

The reason for this is more than obvious: they know your car and its history, which makes you feel calmer at the time of entrusting the vehicle to them. You also know the mechanics and their professionalism, as well as everything regarding the origin of the pieces and other aspects that will make you go peaceful and enjoy your deserved holidays.

If you are a regular TM customer you can take your previous appointment here:


Main elements to be checked

Before travelling it is advisable to develop some basic elements to check that everything is correct. In this way, not only you will get not being stucked on the road, but a proper maintenance could greatly reduce accidents.

Below, we will list the main elements you should check out of your vehicle.

• Basic

Tyres and their pressure: and their balance. To guide you and evaluate the state of wear of the tires, look at the written indicators on the tread. If they are flush with it, it is time to change them, as if this is less than 3 mm. The pressure must match the manufacturer’s instructions.

Air conditioning works properly so that the trip is comfortable and to avoid stressful and very harmful situations for a safe driving.

Seat belts and their anchors are in perfect condition.

Check that the baby and child seats are positioned correctly.

Electrical circuit of the vehicle which includes lights, the windshield wipers and the window elevator system.

• Advanced (workshop) 

Filters and motor oil: completely necessary. Both the filters and the different oils regulate the proper motor working of your vehicle, so they are essential elements for the car to run smoothy and to avoid a failure.

Brakes and brake fluid: both elements are also essential to enjoy the best safety conditions.

The battery: to check the state of the battery you can lift the hood and watch if liquid comes out of it. If so, in addition to the need for renewal, your mechanic will know what steps to take to get you back on track. You must also inform him about when you acquired it in order to make an approximate assessment of its status and performance.

The shock absorbers: we’re going on a trip and with lots of luggage especially if you go with children! These are very important aspects to enjoy a safe and comfortable driving.

The antifreeze liquid: it is in charge of controlling that the car always works under the recommended temperature.

The thermostat: this element controls the temperature of the engine facilitating or preventing the circulation of the coolant as needed, so it is important that it is within the appropriate parameters.

• Download free our template checklist

 As we always say it is much more important to prevent than to cure so as to avoid big breaks and big bills! Therefore, we recommend you to check your car when it is time and thus you will avoid a much more expensive breakdown than the regular visit to the workshop.

If you want to use this template to measure the status of your vehicle elements, you can download it by doing one of the following actions: subscribe and download.

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