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Vehicle lights and their use

Vehicle lights and their use
Thursday, august 6, 2020

 Has it ever happened to you that even though you have your vehicle for a long time you don’t really know how certain lights work? For this reason, in this article we will explain the types of lights which are incorporated within the car and some advices to use them

IMPORTANT: It should be noted that the use of vehicle lights are necessary for your safety and everyone else’s safety. Also because they are compulsory in some circumstances. Remember that the correct lighting will be absolutely necessary in case of emergency, during circumstances such as leaving our car immobilized on roads with little illumniation or roads with many curves, tunnels...

*The lights are the key to road safety and none of them should be forgotten, including the reversing light or fog lamps.

Locating the lights

Although it may seem silly and, you don’t give it the necessary importance, you must know where the controls are so you can use each of the vehicle’s lights and not lose track of the road while looking for them.

According to the law, it is recommended to use the lights from the sunset until the next sunrise. Although, as should be normal, you have to use common sense, so if there is not excessive visibility we will use the lights.

Remember to always have the lights regulated because it is necessary not to dazzle the vehicles with which we cross and for that, you can go through our garage and we will attend to you to cover all your needs for a safer driving.

The types of lights that our vehicle has

 Now it is time to tell you the types of lights that any car has, such as:

Dipped Lights (Short) - They are the usual lights of the car. Whenever night comes, we have to turn them on and also when you circulate with little visibility because of rain or fog.

The headlamps incorporated in our vehicles are able to give the maximum visibility in each curve thanks to the adaptive lighting with dynamic led lamps generating precise light patterns that are automatically adjusted according to the weather conditions.

Road Lights (Long) - These lights are long range and you should use it on long stretches of road where there is no visibility or during night travels and providong that you are not dazzling vehicles in the opposite direction

In Ford we also help you with this type of vehicle lights, because it has a system that switches to dipped-beam headlamps when it detects traffic approaching and they are re-activated later.

Fog light – In our vehicles you will always have available fog lights that are characterized because they are front and high intensity focused towards the ground. This way, you can follow the lines on the edge of the driveway.

They are normally used at the same time with the dipped or long lights during foggy or low visibility circumstances when you consider that the long or short lights are insufficient.

Reversing lights - These are white lights on the back of the vehicle and serve to warn drivers and pedestrians at the rear that you are going to realize a rearward manoeuvre with the vehicle.

Position lamps - These lamps are switched on at the same time as the headlamps, the long lamps or the fog lamps and they serve to indicate the position of the vehicle and to show to others the width of our vehicle.

These lights are compulsory when we immobilize the vehicle on the road, but remember that you should NOT drive with these lights only, because they only indicate the location of the vehicle

Emergency Lights - As their name suggests, they are lights that are used for emergency situations. They are activated from an inner button and make visible the four turn signals at the same time to indicate to the other drivers that you are in a critical situation and, therefore, they should drive with caution.

Turn signals- These are vehicle lights that serve to indicate the maneuvers you are going to do and in this way, you warn drivers and pedestrians.

Ford Lighting Technology: They help you to see without dazzling others

Automatic long lights are very useful during night driving. The system switches to dipped-beam headlamps when it detects approaching traffic or vehicles in front of you, avoiding dazzling other drivers. Then, the long lights are automatically turned on again to give you maximum visibility.

Headlamps that give you maximum visibility on every curve: Adaptive lighting with dynamic Ford LED headlamps that generate precise and luminous light patterns that automatically adjust to different traffic conditions.

Daytime lights are also included, as well as stripes on LED indicators that replace traditional turn signals, illuminating in sequence for greater visibility. The long-light system automatically adjusts to avoid dazzling other drivers. In addition, the new headlights follow the road thus increasing visibility in the curves.

In Talleres Martínez we have the best vehicle options that include all the lighting options designed by Ford to improve the efficiency of your traffic.

Do you have any question? At Ford Talleres Martínez we are to help you with everything you need. You can come and visit us (we comply with all security measures) in Ronda Norte, 17 - 03193 San Miguel de Salinas (Alicante) and follow us in our RRSS: Facebook Instagram


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