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Unhealthy habits for your vehicle

Unhealthy habits for your vehicle
Tuesday, october 29, 2019

When you get behind the wheel, and especially if you are a veteran, you have certain habits or customs that have been acquired over time and that in the long run, not everyone is good for the well-being of your vehicle.

If you care for and treat your vehicle well in addition to having a longer life, it will stay in better conditions in the day to day.

Keep in mind, the more superficial tasks can be very important for the life of the car and even for your own safety.

Unhealthy customs for our vehicle

Below, we will list a number of actions that, very likely, almost all of us do without even realizing it and from Talleres Martínez we want you to consider them to extend the life of your vehicle.

Using the steering wheel while the car is turned off. Does it ring a bell? Entertaining parents and children with the car standing above our knees can be fun but not beneficial to the vehicle.

Why? Because doing so causes rubber from tyres to wear out more than they should, the suspension can be unbalanced by bearing damage, you have to keep in mind that the weight of the vehicle is about a tonne and that falls on all these parts of our car.

Another part that will suffer is the steering as the rack can wear out and will produce clearances. Although the cars now carry power steering, you are not supposed to turn the steering wheel to the end because we are forcing the mechanism and it will break down sooner.

Run with the engine cold. As a consequence of a very active life, it is usually to be in a hurry to start the car and get out as soon as possible. But what if you do it cold? You don’t give the engine time to warm up the elements needed to run perfectly. For example, cold oil does not protect in the same way as if it would be at its ideal temperature.

In cases like diesel vehicles, you can see an indicator on the dashboard that goes off when the heaters are in order to be able to start the car.

The bad habit of giving accelerants to heat the vehicle is not the best idea. When you get going, do it gently, with progressive acceleration.

Aggressive or slow driving. We all have our way of driving and as in everything in this life, we must not sin by excess or default.

On the one hand, there is the type of driver, let’s say more nervous, those who speed up thinking that they will arrive earlier. However, it creates very negative effects on the car. It consumes more fuel, makes more tyre wear and the engine overheats.

Putting the engine at high revolutions is what causes excessive fuel consumption and we make the engine go round, which would entail a high cost of repair.

On the other hand, there are cautious or slower drivers. With the new technologies we can enjoy a quiet driving prolonging the gears and bring the engine to few revolutions, but beware that it can also be harmful if it is not done correctly.

Stand still on the clutch. One way for the car not to stall is to leave the foot by stepping on the clutch. This statement is true and for novice drivers it is very useful to be able to put the car in motion without suffering the terrible failure of stopping the car.

The negative part of performing this action is that the clutch will wear out and that will make you have to come to an official garage like Talleres Martínez to carry out the repair and it is one of the most expensive repairs of a vehicle.

The recommendation is that: when stopping for a moment, at a traffic light or at a stop or at a pedestrian crossing, as far as possible leave the car in neutral and raise your foot.

Ideal and regular maintenance. We usually leave this task aside until something happens that makes us have to go urgently to our garage.

Remember to take your vehicle to an official garage and have the level of liquids, filters, tyre pressure and all points that are included in any review such as those we carry out at Talleres Martínez

There are other bad habits to take into account and they also influence the unnecessary wear and tear of our vehicle as can be: tighten the tank, run in neutral, extend the cleaning of the vehicle, use the brakes or not use them...

As always at Talleres Martínez we want to help you to enjoy your vehicle and we are at your disposal for any question or need.

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