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Tips for being a Good Driver

Tips for being a Good Driver
Tuesday, april 26, 2022

Do you consider yourself a good driver? In this post we give you some tips to check if you really meet all the essential requirements to be one.

Steering confort

When driving, it is essential to be well positioned in front of the steering wheel, obviously, especially for safety reasons and correct handling of the vehicle.

 It is evident to point out that, so bad is going excessively comfortable -especially when it comes to long trips, since you can sleep- as if you feel uncomfortable because you will be more aware of this than paying attention to the road.

Seat and steering wheel position

What position should the seat have? To start with, you should not have too far from the steering wheel. How do you measure the distance to determine this? You will know because the legs are stretched, and that is a symptom that you must correct the position because it will reduce mobility on the pedals and can cause the shoe to get hooked.

You should also keep in mind that if you go too low with regard to the vision of the hood of the vehicle, obviously, you stop perceiving the obstacles in addition to having to make an effort to "reach" the steering wheel because, it will be excessively high.

It doesn’t seem to matter much, but having the steering wheel higher, in the long run, will make you have back problems and increase fatigue because you will be forcing the natural position. The arms should have a natural position with respect to the body and not raise them too high on the axis of the shoulders.

 To know if you are positioned at the correct height and distance you can use the method of stretching an arm, with the shoulder supported on the backrest and the wrist should be supported on the top of the steering wheel. In this way you will get a position of the arms quite natural and effortless.

Position of rear-view mirrors

If you already have a correct seat position with respect to the steering wheel and the front view, we are going to correctly position the mirrors that will make you have the side and rear vision in the best possible way to see all the possible angles of the exterior of the vehicle.

To have the correct position of the rear-view mirrors you must fix on the inside of the mirror to match the edge of the body. The internal rear-view mirror should occupy the width of the rear window of our vehicle.

Use of the steering Wheel

Driving with one hand on the steering wheel is certainly not the right way to do it, but this is something everyone knows and used by some, especially drivers who have just taken their driving licence.

To perform a correct and at the same time effective driving, you must drive holding the steering wheel with both hands, and these must be in a position that allows you to react and rotate the steering with ease and with some fluidity.

Do not take the wheel, even if it is with two hands, below, not on one side or clinging to it as if it were a lifeguard, you have to take it gently, even letting it slide between your hands and occupying a position, which according to experts, place at ten to two and ten past two.

At Talleres Martínez, we want you to be a good driver and take habits that make driving pleasant and safe at the same time.

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