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The new soft hybrids. Mild hybrid (MHEV)

The new soft hybrids. Mild hybrid (MHEV)
Wednesday, july 28, 2021

Hybrids have been installed within the new car categories and there are several levels to identify them since each one has defined characteristics. In this case, we will present the most discreet hybrids regarding its electrification, these are called MHEV or mild hybrid.

What are the MHEV?

These vehicles, with this description, are the light hybrids or micro hybridization that we will be able to identify in models such as the Ford Puma, the Fiesta or the Focus.

It does not mean that this technology is a discovery within the automotive sector because there are these propulsion systems that perform a combination between thermal mechanics and electrified. However, Ford has firmly believed in this type of technology since the beginning. For greater sustainability of the environment and fuel economy, as well as to reduce the level of polluting gases that are emitted.

This hybridization has the idea of using the combustion engine to move the car. The power generated by the engine,in the vehicles,  and the emissions they generate, are also used to generate the electricity needed to make use of the air conditioning compressor, navigator and other vehicle elements.

If we make possible the combustion engine to receive extra assistance at specific times, saving fuel becomes possible and this is done with a small electric motor which works as an assistant to the combustion engine helping it during critical situations by providing an extra point of potency.

These vehicles do not need to be plugged in, they recover the energy used with kinetic energy during braking and decelerations by storing in the battery enough recharge to power it.

This type of vehicle is nothing more than a conventional car, but it incorporates extra assistance to that combustion engine and it is an utility that could be incorporated into all cars in the future as they lower the emission of gases and, as we have said, save fuel.

What are electric engines like? Which are their advantages?

This system does not add many elements to a normal engine, it will simply vary depending on the type of vehicle in which it will be incorporated, for example it will not be the same in a turbo engine.

That electric motor is usually located on the crankshaft of the engine with a strap, although in some cases they are used larger and are managed through an electronic control and thus offer the engine mode and generator mode and is used in combination with the start/stop of the vehicle.

We can identify two systems:

* 48 V system with an AC/DC inverter that converts the alternating current into direct current. It also has a 48 V lithium-ion battery to store the energy. The battery controller that regulates the state of the same. And the power distributor that distributes the power between this system and the previous.

* 12V System a DC/D converter that converts the 48V power generated by the battery to be used by systems using 12V and a 12V battery

In this article we have seen the improvements achieved with this technology and among many others are the following:

* It decreases fuel consumption. This is achieved because the generator recovers energy and it sends it to the small battery that makes possible that the energy reachs to the rest of the elements that need it without taking power from the engine. If a movement is done by the inertia of the vehicle, the engine stops completely producing a saving of up to 15%

* Reduction of emissions of those gaseous pollutants to the atmosphere. It is estimated that it is reduced by up to 4%, although this obviously varies depending on the models.

* It is got better efficiency and thus, it is achieved better acceleration

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