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The goodbye of the mythical "Forfi"

The goodbye of the mythical "Forfi"
Tuesday, november 29, 2022

After more than 45 years of history, the mythical forfi says goodbye forever, leaving behind a million stories where this utility vehicle has undoubtedly been the protagonist of the lives of thousands of people and families.

Electrification leads it to the disappearance

The path that the European Union authorities have drawn for the driving of zero-emission vehicles makes all companies in the automotive world take a manufacturing process towards electrification, setting 2050 as a climate neutral date, this is what they call it in the Brussels Green Pact.

We have already commented in other articles the plans that lead to a reduction of combustion vehicles by 2030 and to eliminate the sales of these same vehicles, new, by 2035.

With the ideas on the table in Europe to take care of the environment, the automotive industry has no choice but to adapt and create or modify their production lines that will make vehicles, like Ford Fiesta, have no place and stop manufacturing to make way for the electric age.

There are brands that have made other decisions regarding their iconic models taking back their constructions in electric version, but in the case of the most emblematic of Ford models, it will not be so and, as announced by the general manager of Ford Model, the production of this model will end in 2023.

The electric bet of Ford

Ford Fiesta not will be the only one ceased to be produced for next year, other molds such as the S-Max or the Galaxy will bid farewell to the market and will give way to three new electric vehicles for passengers and four other commercial models for the year 2024, Ford has an ambitious plan to achieve objectives and adapt to the environmental laws that govern the planet and reach produce within six years about 1.2 million vehicles of these characteristics.

Living history of a population

Since its inception in 1976, Ford Fiesta has had an ally in the Almussafes factory, where the first units were manufactured that reached more than 12 million worldwide.

Since then, we have seen the evolution of the production of each and every generation of the Ford Fiesta, being practically like a son who has been pampered for more than 45 years and who will have to say goodbye shortly. Although, it is true that the latest productions were already manufactured, exclusively in Cologne.

Why "Fiesta"? Why a small car from Ford?

"Fiesta" because it was the owner Henry Ford himself who made the decision to name the model after evaluating twelve finalist options. It is told he decided for the Fiesta name because it seemed to him that it was a dynamic word and it was associated with something fun and made the brand closer.

Talleres Martínez, tu punto Ford en San Miguel de Salinas (Alicante)

They also tell the stories that Ford brand decided to manufacture a small car due to the oil crisis that had taken place years ago and in this way could enter the market and compete with other brands in this strip of vehicles.

Although the forfi will say goodbye in a short period of time, it can still be purchased at our facilities. So, you know, if you want to acquire a model of the Fiesta come and visit us at Talleres Martínez here.

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