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Safety, the main concern of Ford

Safety, the main concern of Ford
Sunday, november 13, 2022

Ford incorporates great advances with its SYNC connectivity technology which takes smartphone integration to a higher level to improve safety around driving.

With the advance of technology in general, the major brands have been incorporating it into their new models to be able to add value to their vehicles and distinguish themselves from other competitors.

Developing new projects to protect cyclists and pedestrians

This project led by Ford for the protection of cyclists and pedestrians is linked to the use of smartphones to detect them and in this way to avoid them, even without you having a direct view of them through the cameras, or radar detection. This is based on communication at scale based on mobile phones.

This whole idea focuses on being able to detect the aforementioned cyclists and pedestrians from the car with Bluetooth technology making the radio waves emitted by this signal are detected, as a beacon, from the vehicle, obviously without having to pair up with such a device, as that violates data protection laws and ethics itself to enter into "foreign connection".

This project wants to avoid these blind spots, that is, where the driver’s sight does not reach, neither the cameras, nor the detection of the vehicle’s sensors, can arrive a wave emission, such as those of Bluetooth, which can prevent a possible accident. When we say that the view does not arrive, we are referring that you can anticipate the appearance of a cyclist or pedestrian at an intersection.

There are already several Ford models (Ford Mustang Mach-e) which have CoPilot 360 technology that is able to detect cyclists, pedestrians, vehicles or other obstacles, even hitting the brake if the driver does not respond in time.

Going beyond the vision

Based on the technology mentioned above, Ford wants to keep moving forward to take care of the safety of both the driver and those around them in cases when we cannot react in time or weather or asphalt conditions are not optimal or we encounter unexpected situations.

In recent years, and probably due to the increase in the price of fuel, many people have been encouraged to move on two wheels or simply on their shoes and that has led to the increase in deaths from accidents of cyclists in the last year.

Actually, the idea of Ford does not require major changes in the structure of the vehicle, talking about technology, since bluetooth is present among us and within our vehicles since the beginning of the century, more or less in 2002, almost after the Traffic Law 19/2001 which included the penalties for the use of the mobile phone at the wheel.

That made it possible to reach our vehicles the so-called "hands-free" which made the connection between the mobile and that device possible to receive and make calls without separating the hands from the steering wheel.

Ford’s innovation would go so far as to detect the type of moving object to differentiate between a cyclist and a pedestrian according to their speed and thus assess the possible risks and perform the necessary actions with sufficient anticipation.

This technology would only have one ‘but’. To make it work, the pedestrian or cyclist must have the bluetooth on, although usually this is usually turned on by default and most use it to connect to headphones, speakers, their own vehicles...

As always from Talleres Martínez we keep you informed of all these new technologies that can be incorporated into our vehicles and in which of them you can find them here

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