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Radars to detect the use of the mobile

Radars to detect the use of the mobile
Thursday, june 30, 2022

According to the new Law on Traffic and Road Safety, there is a new function for the "radars" installed by the DGT and that are nothing but surveillance cameras, of which there are 225 and with which they capture the infringements, including the use of mobile phones.

New technologies, new fines

Cameras installed to penalize drivers who do not use seat belts, for example, could lead to pay up to 200€ and the loss of 4 points, but they not only serve for this, but they have been thought to detect the use of mobile during driving, a circumstance that has increased the number of accidents on the road.

If any of the cameras detect the use of the mobile while driving, it will cause the loss of six points of the driving license, previously was three, and a financial penalty of 200 €, the latter has been maintained.

There is also an important detail when being sanctioned and is that not only does the infraction occur for the use of the device but the fine will be 200 € simply for having the mobile phone in hand.

This means that you have to be careful even when you make a stop at a traffic light and the temptation arises to consult the whatsapp received or electronic mail in the mobile, if we are caught by one of these cameras, six points are lost and the penalty will come home for the payment of the corresponding fine.

Location of the cameras that can punish us for "taking" the mobile

As we have said before, the DGT reports the placement of 225 surveillance cameras and that they are on both secondary roads and motorways and have been placed in areas where there are the highest number of fatal accidents that do not use seat belts.

According to the distribution, there are 20 cameras placed in the province of Seville; Malaga and Zaragoza have 14; A Coruña and Cadiz have 13; Madrid and Asturias have 8...And if we go to what interests us, the DGT has considered that there are 5 conflitive zones at the province of Alicante.

Surveillance Cameras of the Province of Alicante

The DGT reports that there are 5 surveillance cameras in the province of Alicante distributed between 2 national roads (the N-340 and the N-338) and the placement of 3 cameras on the A-Highways A70, A7 and the A-31.

The situation is as follows:

*A-31 at kilometre 185.80 approximately on its way through Villena

*A-70 at kilometre 29.56 when we approach the Elche exit

*A-7 at kilometre 514.20 on the ascent towards the Maigmo

*N-340 at kilometre 713,20 Departure from Elche towards Crevillente

*N-338 at kilometer 2.94 on the way through the airport.

There must be a photo that identifies us

The process is known by all those who have ever been sanctioned by a radar, even if it has been by speed, that is to say they must send us the photo in which the vehicle is identified, with the number plate, and the infraction, in this case the support of the phone or the use of the same.

As the camera takes several photos should send us those in which it is possible to communicate the infraction in addition to include the date and time in which the photo was taken, as well as the kilometer point and the road on which it was circulating. The notification shall be supplemented by the registration number and the owner of the vehicle.

Taking into account the very privacy of the occupants of the vehicle, and especially that of minors, all these photographs shall be subjected to a process of shading the occupants in such a way that only and clearly identifies the driver in order to be able to issue the sanction, but you can always request the original photo to check the veracity.

As always, from Talleres Martínez we are at your disposal to help you in a better driving and doing it with safety of the driver and the occupants.

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