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Prepare your vehicle for winter period

Prepare your vehicle for winter period
Monday, november 16, 2020

Winter will arrive in a few weeks, the season of the year in which cars are most affected by weather factors. Therefore, it is advisable to keep it in optimal condition to avoid unwanted breakdowns.

 If you go on a business trip, you should know that temperatures have reached below zero in some parts of Spain, so it is convenient to check your vehicle to keep it in optimal condition.

Parts of the vehicle to be checked because of low temperatures


At low temperatures, it is advisable to visualize key points. For example, for those traveling in high mountain areas, it is recommended to install winter tires, which can provide greater grip and in some cases it is not necessary to install chains.

Adjust tyre pressure to circumstances

 Low temperatures affect your vehicle’s tyres because they may lose pressure, so before you start your journey you should make sure that it is the right one.

Practice before putting the snow chains

 As it is not something that is habitually put (it is the luck of living in the Vega Baja) when you go to places where the temperature is very low, you must dedicate some time to find out how the snow chains are put in the tires, to avoid getting stuck somewhere remote.


The state of the battery is always very important, both in summer and in winter, especially if the vehicle has been inactivate for a long time.

Door bands

In very cold places, when the freezing temperature is reached, you must protect the rubber seals of the doors. The extreme cold will corrode this material and will reduce the tightness of the joints, facilitating the entry of cold or water into the vehicle.

Windshield wipers

It is also convenient to check the windshield wipers. To check if they work correctly, you should check that it does not leave marks on the glass when you activate them. At the same time, you can check the level of the windshield washer fluid and add anti-freeze detergent. This will prevent it from freezing.

Antifreeze liquid

The cooling is one of the most important keys to optimally maintain the car for the winter. For many people, this liquid requires no maintenance, but they are wrong. It is recommended to empty the system and replenish the liquid that has accumulated between 50.000 and 200.000 kilometers to ensure that the chemical performance is maintained in an ideal state.

State of the brakes and lights

During the winter season, it gets dark much earlier and it is advisable to avoid the lights playing a dirty trick on you. Weather conditions can cause you to circulate during the rain, so visibility and braking distance should increase considerably.

Remember the fog lamps

 Fog lamps  are another issue to keep in mind so you can clearly see the road and distinguish and maintain the safety distance during your journey.

Take care of your driving habits

To drive you must be comfortable. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid driving with many thick warm clothes as you will lose mobility and this will result in reduced reaction time to unforeseen events and fatigue before.


Driving with the heating too high It is not advisable, as it can increase the feeling of relaxation or otherwise fatigue, so you should be well hydrated and make the corresponding stops when you start large trips.

Remember, the most important thing is to move with caution and remember that rushing is bad advice. What better way than enjoying the ride comfortably with your Ford!

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