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Tuesday, june 2, 2020

The time to enjoy a vehicle that respects the environment is approaching. And of course, we are referring to the new Ford Kuga Hybrid, a car that captures all eyes, thanks to the combination of an elegant design and plug-in hybrid efficiency. Now available at Ford Talleres Martínez!

Two Worlds Together

The new Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid incorporates two forms of energy that work in total harmony to take you to the destination you want. Thanks to its electric motor you can make short trips and reach a range of 55 Km. with zero emissions. In addition, you can recharge on any conventional power grid. On the other hand, you can have a petrol engine to make longer trips and at the same time recharge the battery during the journey. It also has regenerative braking that helps in the recharge of the battery.

A Driving Experience

With the built-in equipment of this Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid, as the speed assistant, you can choose what speed do you want to travel without worrying about the vehicles in front of us, thanks to the detection sensors.

In the event that it did not detect a nearby vehicle, the system would progressively accelerate to return to the selected speed on its own, and not only that, with the lane maintenance system we can be calm when the car unwittingly leaves the track.

During the trip, you can also enjoy the Fordpass Connect technology, which incorporates a modem that allows you to be always connected thanks to the wifi and its 4G to which you can incorporate up to ten devices to navigate or to be informed of the traffic in real time for the trip you have chosen. Furthermore, you can control your Ford Kuga from anywhere with just your thumb and your mobile phone. In addition to, finding the vehicle, open and close doors, start the engine.

Benefits for you and the environment

The new Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid corresponds to ECO or ZERO tags. But, what does this mean? It can run through areas where no other vehicle could run, especially in large cities where traffic is more restricted. If you want to know more about these environmental labels, you can consult this article that we share in our blog. (Access now)

Another advantage of respecting the environment is that in both cases you will have an exemption in the payment of registration tax of up to 75%. In the ZERO category you will be able to park free of charge in the regulated parking lots and free access on the motorways and in the other case, ECO category, you will have access and mobility in the center of the cities, as we have mentioned before.

You already know that we have been working during all this month of May in our facilities and we are at your disposal for any question or doubt you might have.

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