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How to save fuel thanks to efficient driving

How to save fuel thanks to efficient driving
Monday, april 25, 2022

Would you like to know how saving fuel is possible thanks to good driving? It is possible.

Vehicle manufacturers pay close attention to European regulations that set emission levels and therefore have to build models with smaller engines and three cylinders. The technology applied to these engines means that the cost has dropped a lot, but you can still save more fuel by following some tips.

Savings in difficult moments

After experiencing one of the worst crises with regard to the price of fuel in Spain, the future can be faced with the expectation that there will again be a lag in the cost of fuel an a reversal in our family economy.

Things to consider to save on fuel

Plan your trip

An important point is to plan the trip you are going to make, that is, if you have several alternative routes to get to your destination you must organize it in such a way that you optimize the time and the kilometers to save a percentage, which can be up to 14% in a journey of about 10 minutes.

Check the tires pressure

It seems obvious, but you probably don’t do it the times you should and with this little gesture, you’ll save fuel. If the pressure indicates that it is lower than the one shown by the manufacturer, it can increase fuel consumption from 2% to 4%.

Load distribution

Loading the vehicle  more than you should is another factor that will make you spend more fuel than you need. To avoid this, you can distribute the load to be transported, either luggage or work equipment, so that the vehicle is balanced. An excess load can cause you to have to pay 6% more than usual.

Go to your trusted garage

In addition to checking the vehicle and using good practice on aspects that are not directly related to your driving, you can also use habits that make your vehicle’s fuel consumption lower.

For the first thing, you can keep your car ready and for this you can go to our garage and make the corresponding review and with it, a first step that will make you save both fuel and high cost of unforeseen repairs.

Improve your driving habits

To start the journey well, you can start your vehicle without stepping on the accelerator and without making a grand prize start. Put first only to start and change gear in just over 2 seconds. It is also advisable to always avoid the accelerators and increase the speed gradually. All this can save you up to 11% fuel.

Following this, another tip is to try to keep the vehicle’s speed constant by avoiding sudden or unnecessary braking.

It is also convenient to use the motor brake. This means avoiding using the brake directly but through the gears.

If you’re going to be stopped somewhere for a long time, don’t leave the engine running. It seems obvious, but it happens. If you leave the car idling, just without any other devices on, such as air conditioning, the vehicle will be consuming about 0.15 liters.

More about driving issues, we also highlight the possibility of driving using long gears so that the engine does not exceed 2500 revolutions per minute, as this will make our fuel consumption more effective. We know that this depends a lot on the route, roads and more combinations, but it is convenient to take it into account for when it is possible to apply it.

Another cause of high fuel consumption may be the use of air conditioning. If your area allows it, inside the city you can try to take the window lowered and on the road, with the windows completely closed to avoid the loss of energy, adjusting it at high speeds. Within the Vega Baja zone this advice must be overlooked, obviously. : -)

Miraculous additives?

No. There are no miracle additives. It is true that there are some additives and products of recognized brands that will improve the efficiency of the vehicle engine because they help to maintain the fuel properties even when the car is stopped. In addition, some improve combustion, but as we have already commented, there are no miracle products which make the car spend less fuel.

At Talleres Martínez, we help you to save on your daily fuel consumption and we are at your disposal to answer your questions.

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