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Energy saving in your car. The air conditioning.

Energy saving in your car. The air conditioning.
Monday, june 21, 2021

Now that light’s prices has risen and the summer heat arrives, you might consider going to the car to enjoy the air conditioning, but it can be a problem because your vehicle consumes energy from it and we can not neglect it.

How much do our vehicles consume with air conditioning?

 It is really hard to remember those times when our parents or grandparents were in a vehicle without air conditioning, it is true that it seems incredible to imagine that they have survived temperatures of more than 35ºC inside those cars in which we were when we were children and not only those that fit in by capacity, also without belts, anyway...

We see ourselves now inside a vehicle where the air conditioning begins to cool the air and any trip becomes a pleasure and makes us arrive or return from the beach without suffering the heat. The operation has always been to cool and remove humidity from the air. This is usually done with a compressor, condenser and an evaporator.

We are not going to go into technical details, we will see the consumption that takes place in the car from when we press the power button of the air conditioning to we increase the intensity of it. Obviously, it will not be the same consumption equally in all cars.

The air conditioning is going to use the compressor which is working thanks to the timing belt, obviously this makes that it consumes enough energy and, of course, it makes that the fuel of the vehicle is being used up. The waste could be approximately between 0.2 liters and 1 liter of gasoline at 100 km. It will not always be constant because it will depend on the intensity we apply to the air, the external heat and the driving of the vehicle.

If the car we are going to use is electric, for example a Ford Kuga Ful Hybrid, the energy consumption will grow quite a lot because the concept is being more efficient in the consumption, which means that when the car is stationary does not use energy, unless we have the air conditioning on, or something else. In this way, the energy comes from the battery and logically causes a decrease of the vehicle’s autonomy.

An Urban Legend? Air conditioning and its power?

It is clear that, as we said in previous paragraphs, everything depends on many circumstances, especially in this case of the vehicle, but yes, the use of air conditioning in the vehicle causes a decrease in the engine power. It is not excessively noticeable, in case of low-powered vehicles this decrease is more noticeable. Nowadays, the vehicles are designed so that the energy of the vehicle is used by the driver in case of need and it disconnects the compressor.

If you need to check the air conditioning of your car to not to generate more consumption than necessary, now that summer is coming and finally, after a few hard months of confinement, you can travel. We are waiting for you at Talleres Martínez.

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