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Do you spend a lot of hours behind the wheel? We explain how you should sit properly in the vehicle

Do you spend a lot of hours behind the wheel? We explain how you should sit properly in the vehicle
Tuesday, september 1, 2020

Are you one of the many workers who spend endless hours behind the wheel? From Talleres Martínez we are really aware that acquiring bad habits when driving can lead to many health problems. For this reason, we give you some tips to guide you when starting your work day or trip.

Position in the seat

One of the first tasks you should do when you get behind the wheel of the vehicle is to sit correctly and, what is the ideal posture? We explain it below.

Keep in mind that if you are incorrectly seated in front of the steering wheel, your actions will not be effective if you do not perfectly reach the pedals, as well as when properly moving the steering wheel, so you can cause and suffer an accident.

Adjust the seat for proper attachment of the backrest.

To begin with, sit down correctly adjusting the hip in the position that the back and seat  form. The idea is not to leave any space between our lumbar area and the back, having more support and fastening.

Another important part is the seat, adjust it to have as much support as possible of the thighs and in this way you can lighten the fatigue in the case you have to do long journeys.

Once you have done the above actions, you must adjust the position of the pedals, one of the most important parts to enjoy a safer driving. If you have a manual shift car, to calculate the distance well, try to step to the bottom of the clutch pedal and notice that the knee is slightly bent. If you have an automatic car, do the same but put your foot behind the brake pedal.

Your position and other elements

The headrest: Headrest is one of the elements less considered but also important. Regulate it properly so that, in case of having an accident, head bounces properly to the back.

Rear-view mirrors: Your position relative to the rear-view mirrors shall be as follows, the interior mirror must be fixed so that it is centered with the rear window. The exterior mirrors should give you a view of the end of the vehicle and thus avoid having blind spots. In any case, do not rely too much on external mirrors, eventhough some already come equipped with a part of it that helps you to avoid those areas of reduced or no vision, as the vast majority of Ford vehicles.

Steering wheel: Another key element is the steering wheel position. This should not touch your knees and should allow you to see perfectly the road and all the elements of the dashboard. It is convenient to remember that the correct driving is done by placing both hands on the steering wheel because, when driving with one hand, all the weight falls on the steering wheel and we are forcing our shoulder and arm.

We share an interesting video from Ford, where it teachs you how to adjust your driving position and steering wheel Here

In Talleres Martínez we can help you to carry out all these actions when you come to our garage or to our authorised-dealer. We are at your disposal for any questions regarding the correct position to sit in the vehicle.

 Do you have any questions? At Ford Talleres Martinez we are here to help you with everything you need. You can come visit us (we comply with all security measures) in Ronda Norte, 17 - 03193 San Miguel de Salinas (Alicante) and follow us in our RRSS: Facebook Instagram


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