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Do you know the insurance for your car you should or can hire?

Do you know the insurance for your car you should or can hire?
Friday, september 30, 2022

The search for insurance becomes a problem when we buy a vehicle and our day to day has enough stress to add this task. The reality is that there are a variety of policies that we can contract, but we always have the doubt to know if we are covered for any inconvenience that arises.

We must choose an insurance according to our needs and use of the vehicle

On the one hand, we have to comply with the current legislation that requires having liability insurance for all those motor vehicles that circulate and are stationed on Spanish territory.

This policy includes that we are covered in case the driver may cause damage to other people or vehicles, but it must be borne in mind that this policy is not responsible for the damages of the driver himself or his vehicle, as long as it is the responsible.

In order to be right at choosing the vehicle insurance, we can follow a small guide of tips to have the insurance that best suits our needs and, as we have already said to use the car.

First you have to look at all the companies that we can locate, today there are websites which facilitate that search, then we must compare, with the same insurance features that each company offers us and when we have done all this process, we contract the insurance.

We need to look very closely at the coverage and costs involved in the insurance we are going to contract. We must know the needs we have and which we could have in the future, since there are coverages that are basic and essential, and we must not forget that the companies themselves analyze the policyholder’s history in other companies.

It is known that in contracts there is the famous small print, beware of this. You have to review in detail everything that appears in the contract to then have unpleasant surprises that do not have reverse.

What else do I need to know to get insurance?

Experts in the sector warn us that, in addition to all the above, we must stop and think about what will be the use that we will give the vehicle, because it is not the same to be exposed in daily driving, medium or long journeys, or doing it for the weekend and go for walks on Sundays.

Although it is redundant, we must review the clauses, coverages and conditions that appear in the policy because there are some that tell us precisely that they are not included and we will not be able to claim the insurance company, and maybe they are situations that we can meet depending on the mobility of the vehicle.

Among all these, particular attention must be paid to road assistance, because although we believe it is always included, it is not so and we can take a surprise when we are given the situation of staying on the road and having to pay the crane to the garage.

It is for all this, that we must review calmly and carefully all the modalities offered by the companies and what they include because there is also the franchise that makes the first part of the repairs, up to a certain amount, must be paid by the policyholder.

As always from Talleres Martínez we can advise you on the possible modalities and options of insurance that can be contracted, make us the consultations here

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