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¿Do you know our veneer workshop?

¿Do you know our veneer workshop?
Monday, december 17, 2018

The “magic” formula of sheet metal at TalleresMartínez work is its craftsmanship it can be seen in the repair quality of the vehicle.

Enter and discover our sheet metal workshop. Iván Martínez, manager of Talleres Martínez, explains everything in this video.

Tools and specialized materials

Paid Metrics
The first thing that we use when we have a vehicle with serious damage is to place it on the metric bench, which is the first place that the cargoes toas soon as we have to start the repairs. Let's see how it works step by step: 

• The metric bench is a metal structure that has supports to place the car evenly and has pre set measurements for each vehicle.

• Depending on the model there are few different standards that describe where they find the points of reference in the chassis of the vehicle forrepairing. In addition, the bench also has the additional help from situating claws which are positioned in such a way that will immediately show what areas of the car should be repaired.

• Once placed in its points of reference on the claws, the car is then hooked to the "ele" that will stretch the body of the vehicle to it´s original position and thenitwill geometrically square up these points of reference. This is the most complicated part of the process and, as we already mentioned, being handcrafted this means the work is really laborious, having said this, this doesn´t mean the rest of the job is a simple one, we ensure that all cutting and welding is carried out to ensure the car is left as if it were new.

Filling and repairing

Here we will explain the importance of correct repairs with the use of putty· to be able to repair pieces that are damaged by whichever circumstance, the first stepis to place the putty to eliminate the irregularities that would appear with use of only a hammer and chisel. 

• It is necessary to bear in mind that the process of repair of any part of the vehicle to manage to obtain its original condition, needs the use of the correct tools to be able to remove any iregularities.

• Once these irregularities and impurities of the repair are hidden, we proceed to sand the area to ensure for a perfect, uniform finish. With these items repaired, which we will only do if we believethat we can obtain the correct result, if not we can arrange for new parts to be brought in and fit them to factory standards.

• Insurances which we are signed to.

We remind you, that if you have the vehicle insured with any of our alliance insurance companies, you can come to our workshop.

• Línea Directa Aseguradora
• Penélope Seguros
• Seguros Nuez
• Libertyseguros
• Génesis auto
• Regalseguros
• Realeseguros
• Ibex Insurance
• Mutua Madrileña
• Alianzseguros
• FiatcTSPlus+
• Seguros Caixa
• A.M.A.
• BBVA Seguros

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