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Commercial Vehicle Ford Transit Sport, setting new standards in.

Commercial Vehicle Ford Transit Sport, setting new standards in.
Monday, april 29, 2019

Do you like the sport style of Ford?

You can enjoy the best of sport styles from the whole Ford range at Talleres Martínez. On top of the already known models of Focus you can now see the renewed & upgraded Ford Transit sport.

Why is it so sport? To the visible aesthetics with the already known sport strips which are classic to our other models, a more robust engine has been added, improvements in the chassis made and an attractive look given from the bodywork kit up to the interior details.

Strong and powerful mechanics

An EcoBlue 185 hp engine has been incorporated. Yes! Even if it doesn’t seem like much, it comes loaded with it, in the Transit Custom Sport model, the diesel engine that makes this commercial vehicle the most powerful since it was marketed.

Manual or automatic gearbox, adjusted CO2 emissions and low consumption. If you add these elements to the characteristics of the new chassis, it makes it a powerful and resistant machine, in addition of being fit to the street of your city.

Body 3.0

Aside from the improvements offered to the bodywork from the outside, such as the extensions of bumpers, an attractive lateral molding, mirrors mimicked with the bodywork and alloy rims that delight the most demanding ones, join those that appear when opening its doors.

An almost entirely glossy dark coloured leather upholstery that makes a perfect match with the technology introduced by this new Ford Transit Sport, as it comes with a FordPass Connect modem (Transit Custom Sport model). It is coupled with the SYNC 3 system which makes it possible for up to 10 of our devices to be connected at the same time.

Within all the features of this new Ford Transit Sport the brand has not left out the safety and has incorporated parking assistant, cruise control with speed limiter and the detection of blind spot.

Several options to choose.

Although we do not have these new Ford Transit Sports at our dealership in Talleres Martínez yet, if we tell you that when they are available you will be the first to see them and test them. That is planned for the middle of this year.

Within the range of this commercial vehicle, two versions appear, each one as  attractive as the next. On one hand we will have the Transit Connect Sport, which will come with the EcoBlue engine above mentioned heated seats, dual air conditioner, FordPass modem Connect, alloy rims and, of course, sport stripes.

Moreover, we will have the pleasure to have in our dependencies the Transit Courier Sport that will come equipped with sports seats, tires, monochromatic bodywork, 100 hp engine, an incomparable low consumption and, of course, the sport stripes.

We have the rest of Ford Transit to liven up the wait

We have in Talleres Martínez at your disposal the wide range that this model offers, in its traditional formats. All are equipped with the most appropriate equipment to carry the office in your vehicle.

We know that this type of commercial vehicle makes your productivity elevated to maximum power. Because of its capacity, its flexibility, regardless of the height, you are always guaranteed a wide space and an immense load capacity. Everything is designed to maximize the space available.

You can choose from the whole Transit family, from Van to Custom. All of them can be requested in our showroom where we will be able to attend you and offer you the best performances.

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