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Cars that are measured by their trunk

Cars that are measured by their trunk
Tuesday, december 22, 2020

When these dates so marked are coming and it is time to go shopping is when the time to load the car comes and you have to fit shopping bags, gift boxes, sports backpack and so on as pieces of tetris.

During this moment is when you ask yourself, if you need a vehicle which has a more familiar trunk not only for the special holidays, but so that during your everyday life you can carry everything, whether you go on a trip or if you have to take all the equipment of the football team of your children.

Do you need a more spacious car?

This is the question that bombards you when you are in the chaotic situation of filling the car with everything you need. That is when you think if it is too small for you.

In Talleres Martínez we have vehicles which have a boot capacity that deceives at first sight, such as the Ford Pumawhich has a total of 456 liters, the widest within its SUV vehicles range in the small format.

TIP: To purchase a new vehicle because of its trunk, think about the benefits of the government aid to get an electric or hybrid car with the Moves Plan and thus you renew your car for one with the boot according to your needs.

You can really choose a large vehicle and, logically, you will have a spacious trunk, but you would be surprised in some cases. We also have the Ford Fiesta which measures 407 centimeters in length with a boot capacity of 311 liters or the Ford Modeo with 487 centimeters in which you take advantage of a boot capacity of 550 liters. It is clear that the boot part is usually larger in family vehicles than in sedan models.

The trunk can be spacious, but we have to know how to tidy it

 As we have already mentioned, you have to know how to choose the model of car depending on what you will need for the day to day and when you have to go on a trip, the trunk is what matters most, especially when you are traveling with kids.

Some of the more spacious Ford models are the Ford Mondeo with 550 liters, in its range is located in the top 3 of the sedans. Another Ford that has a large trunk is the Ford S-MAX with 700 liters, also one of the best of the minivan line. And as we mentioned earlier, Ford Puma, which is the most spacious of its range, as far as trunk  is concerned.

Once the vehicle model you want is chosen, you should think about how to place the load in that very spacious trunk. Distribute the packages in a compensated way to not to affect too much the center of gravity of the car. Place the heaviest things to the bottom and try to place the lighter objects on top. Of course, don’t leave loose objects in the trunk to prevent them from turning into projectiles in case of an accident.

In Talleres Martínez we have the best options of vehicles which will help you to load your vehicle on the move in a more comfortable way because of its large boot capacity.

Do you have any questions? We are at Ford Talleres Martínez to help you with everything you need. You can come and visit us (we comply with all security measures) in Ronda Norte, 17 - 03193 San Miguel de Salinas (Alicante) and follow us in our RRSS: Facebook | Instagram


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