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Care of Vehicle Elements. Injectors

Care of Vehicle Elements. Injectors
Monday, june 28, 2021

Vehicle’s fuel injectors are a fundamental part of a car due to they are the ones that push the fuel from the tank of the vehicle to the combustion chamber where the fusion between the oil and the fuel occurs, when the piston reaches the upper deadlock. Normally there is an injector for each cylinder.

This piece might last many years, but it needs maintenance and the use of fuels of a certain quality to be able to work better and extend its life. Dirt and residues passes through the fuel filter and ends up in the injector and this can lead to future breakdowns. It should be noted that injectors, different from the carburetor of yesteryear, are expensive to replace and maintain.

The most important thing before keeping reading is to indicate that faced any problem that can be detected in this field, you should go to the mechanical garage to verify its proper functioning. As always at Talleres Martínez, we are here to help you and you can make an appointment at our garage.

Some ideas to preserve the injectors.

Here are some tips for your vehicle’s injectors to last longer and work better, although we insist that in case of any failure detection, go to your trusted garage.

* The use of chemical cleaning additives. In many of the gas stations, a percentage of this additive is distributed in the same fuel that we refuel, which helps to remove some impurities that are the cause of obstruction of the injectors. You can also find many products dedicated to this purpose that are added to the fuel we have refueled and are useful to protect the injection system.

* Let an hour pass since the gas station tanks have been filled. This is complicated to know, but if we always go to the same gas station, we might already have controlled when this operation is done. They really shouldn’t let us refuel until after that period of time because when the truck fills the tanks, it causes the sediments that are in it go up the pump and end up in the tank of your vehicle.

* Don’t wait to see the fuel reserve light on. Everyone knows that this is not convenient, on the one hand because we might not to arrive in time to refuel, on the other hand, regarding injectors has the same sense as in the above. When we refill the tank, what remains at the bottom of the tank, that dirt, it is moved and the residues end up back in the injector.

* Biodiesel can be inconvenient. This type of fuel absorbs the water and moisture produced by the corrosion of the components and fungi usually appear and obstruct the injection system.

* The change of the fuel filter. This filter is responsible for stopping impurities and stopping the water is within the fuel. It is recommended to replace it every 30.000 Km and of course, it will always be more economical than repairing the injectors.

* The revolutions during the travel. If we go around 2,000 rpm when circulating we are making more charcoal is generated, more vibrations are produced and all the elements which are part of the vehicle’s injection system are more worn out.

* The cleaning of the injectors. Although you will find various articles and videos of how to do this cleaning, from Talleres Martínez we advise you to leave it in professionals’s hands.

With these ideas and comments we try to make the life of your vehicle more durable and you enjoy more of the driving. Do you want to be up to date with all the news and offers from your trusted garage? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram We’re waiting for you! Talleres Martínez, your Ford point in San Miguel de Salinas (Alicante)


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