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Aspects to keep in mind when changing tyres

Aspects to keep in mind when changing tyres
Wednesday, august 14, 2019

What tyres should I put in my vehicle? The same as the factory ones? When should I change them?

These are common questions that everyone asks when it comes to renewing this very important part of the car as it is both an active part of driving safety, as efficient fuel consumption when travelling by road.

Where can we find the necessary information to be right during the tyres change?

The location of the information required to know which tyres your vehicle uses now should be on the driver’s door, on the fuel cap (inside) or they might be inside the glove compartment.

 In these specifications you will find the data necessary to be right on the first try with the type of tyre should be used, as well as the pressure values and the measurements you must have.

Tyre codes

There are a number of codes that have been standardized by two major organizations for this task such as the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization (ETRTO) and the U. S. Tire and Rim Association (T&RA).

These organizations have created a series of numbers for tyres, not before reviewing this symbology of these codes so that you can understand it perfectly. If you can’t, do not worry, because our workshop team is already specialized for these tasks.

Ford also wanted to contribute to the explanation of all these numbers and characters that appear on the side of the tyres and detail the characteristics and restrictions that each type of tyre provides to the vehicle.

Is it necessary to assemble the same original tire?

The answer, logically, should be a resounding yes, due to the tire which has been mounted with the vehicle since its manufacturing is the one that belongs and fits perfectly to it.

That being said, it is not "essential" that it is the same tyre per brand and model, because with the above table you could deduce that if you use one with equivalent characteristics, you can economize on this part of the vehicle and that, in some cases, the efficiency could be improved, depending on the age of our car.

Below, we share an online application so that you can calculate the equivalences of your tire with another related, but always with the caution of not exceeding the required limits when passing the ITV. (It is extracted from yofindo.com).

If the equivalencies are not achieved and we are willing to purchase the tyre that it indicates us, we would have to carry out an approval of them if any of these data is not within the allowed ranges:

• Charging capacity indices

• External diameter

• Speed category code

• Rim profile

Anyway, our recommendation is to follow the instructions of an expert to have no doubts or surprises when passing the necessary controls to have a vehicle in circulation and especially not to have any accident due to the incorrect use of tyres with our vehicle.

We remind you that, in Talleres Martínez we can help you because we have professionals who will guide you and help you to make the right decision and if you have to replace them we can place them with all the guarantees we always offer. Make your appointment here: https://www.talleresmartinez.es/es/cita-previa-taller

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